Wednesday, August 1, 2012

this is war

She: Help me.

He: What?

She: I love him but he's leaving.

He: People will leave, eventually.

She: Huwaaaaaah! I want him! *cries softly*

He: *knocks her head* Don't be stupid. If you want him, get him.

She: *sobs* How?

He: Easy-peasy. Call him every night, five minutes would be enough. 
Just ask him how his day was.

She: He must be exasperated after some time! :(

He: After some time, stop calling. He'll surely miss you after 
getting used to hear your voice every night.

She: ...

He: What are you waiting for? Go home now, call him!

She: Oh, okay. Thanks!

Day 1
She: You, he sounded like he did not want to talk. :(
He: Keep going, you crybaby.

Day 2
She: I asked him how his day was, and he told me his cat went missing.
He: That's an improvement. Good.

Day 3
She: He found his cat back! He sounded so happy! (^.^)
He: You're doing good, dear.

Day 4
She: I didn't call him today. I can't believe this! He called and said he was sorry for everything! :')
He: That's my girl!

Day 5
She: He asked me out. <3
He: ...Wear your best dress. Good luck!

Day 6
She: Thanks for everything. I love you! (^.^)/
He: No biggie, darling.

Day 7
He waited by the phone. No call. 


Johan said...

I love this one. <3

spankuning said...

awww thank you darling! <3