Monday, July 30, 2012


if you were mine, i'd kiss all those blemishes and pimples on your face, and tell you how you're the handsomest in the whole wide world.

if you were mine, i'd hold your hand through the most darkest nights of your life.

if you were mine, i'd hug you through your worst nightmares.

if you were mine, i'd look at you always just to memorize the way you frown every time i annoy you.

if you were mine, i wouldn't ever tell anyone how you are the only one that i could ever want.

if you were mine, i'd stare through your eyes when you have nothing to say.

now that you're mine, yeah, whatever.

*sadly, feelings change.*


Fruithart said...

Janji wanita ok.

spankuning said...

siapa entah kata lelaki perempuan tak ada beza pun, hari tu? :p