Saturday, July 14, 2012

against the world

"Why do you keep being with him? He can't even walk straight." was the same question being thrown at her over and over again until she grew tired of it. Until he himself can sense it.

"You, what's wrong?" He asked on their way to the funfair. 

"Everything's wrong," she sighed. "I should not be with you, but... hey, are you listening?"

He was staring fixedly at the jumping lights. A half-smile formed on his face as he heard the funfair song. da-da-da-da. Until he almost collided with a big guy in front of him. She had to apologize.

"Why do you keep doing that?!" She stomped her foot. He looked at her, silently. Slowly, he made a sulky face. It was so annoying yet so cute, she did not know what to do.


"Why do you keep being with him? He can't even walk straight." asked her friends for the umpteenth time. "We know you love him, riiiiight." And their laughter rang sharply in her ears, making her stop in the middle of the hallway. They stopped, too.

"This is beyond love. When you are in love, you would want to watch his face, memorizing every detail. What I got is only annoyance and exasperation every time I watch his, but I cannot help forgetting my problems by seeing his expressions. When you are in love, you would want to spend time together always. What I feel is I have to be with him always so I can save his ass from stumbling down. When you are in love, you would want to text or call him constantly, just to say "I love you". But I don't have to say a thing just to tell him what I'm feeling," she answered her friends, who now looked like retarded eels.

"You may want your love to be your prince charming, but I want to be his knight in shining armor." With that, she left.


"Hey, you want to go to the funfair again?" she asked him. His face lit up. Just like the jumping lights, she thought.

"I want to! I want to win that big teddy bear at the shooting booth, so I can give it to you!" He replied, excitedly. Her heart went ba-dump! for a moment, then she said:

"You know I don't like teddy bears."

And they walked together to the funfair.

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Dya Jasni said...

Retarded eels hahahahahahahahaha