Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Felix Felicis

yesterday i found a bottle of liquid near the sea. the liquid was glittery and half-transparent, the colour like the prettiest sky at dusk. it had a little note tied with it: "FOR YOUR DREAM." so i drank half the bottle when he said he wanted to meet me tonight.

i remember how we sat by the beach, with nothing but the sound of the waves and the night wind. he had the saddest look in his eyes, but it was that look that fascinated me till today. "Rei left me," he said, and i felt something inside me jumped with joy. the fuck, brain? i thought. 

he cried, and for a moment i did not know what to do. then something - i swear it was something - pulled my hand and put it on his. his surprised look almost made me die, but something told me to squeeze his hand. and i did, until i could feel the heat of his hand flow right into my veins and spread all over my body. something told me to not let go, but this time i could see that he, too, did not want me to let go.

"Wha-" he stuttered, utterly confused with everything. but he made no effort to grab his hand. something inside me led me to my next action, so i slowly slid my fingers between his. perfect fit, like it was magic. we stared into each other's eyes - only for two seconds, though, because i looked away.

something told me to never let go.


it has been six years since he's gone. his heart was too weak to survive in this world. but something told me to never let go.

i still keep another half of the glittery liquid, because i never found another dream.