Saturday, August 4, 2012


Still waiting beside the phone. 11 p.m. sharp was the time she would always call. Now it's 11.24, and he felt he's about to fall.

Fuck this. Put on sweater. I'll take a walk.

Opened the door. The old tree was the first thing he saw. Remembered how she stole his first love's first letter and hid it in the bark.

Took five steps forward and turned left. Gazed at the night sky. Remembered how she said the moon was God's eye, that's why She always follows us around.

Walked beside a bench. It had been there for quite a long time. Remembered how she ran so fast and hit the bench, getting five stitches on her chin.

Reached the park. The wind was blowing, leaves flew all around. Remembered how she put a leaf on her forehead and pretended she was a raccoon.

Saw the swings. It rocked slowly to and fro. Remembered how she tied his shirt to the swing and things got really bad.

Passed by the optical store. Stopped in front of the display spot. Remembered how she laughed at him the first time he wore glasses.

Reached end of the street, where a pet shop once stood. Remembered how she looked into his eyes and said "I wish you were a hamster. Because I love hamsters."

Turned around, started to walk back home. A sudden thought crossed his mind.

Maybe 'i love you' simply means 'i'm getting used to you'.


Johan said...

Oh look what do we have here. :P

spankuning said...

omaigod Johan so laju. T.T