Saturday, August 18, 2012


Once, I could never again
count the velocity of my heartbeats.
We accelerated so fast,
from friends, to something I loved to bits.
Then he decided to put on a boulder
just as a momentum tester.
There is no time to decelerate
I could feel the sparks beneath our feet.
The boulder broke apart into two
and not to mention, us, too.
I fucking hate physics.

Once, I had someone
whose face made me sleepless at nights.
I wanted to show him to everyone
He was my one and only Mr Right.
I always saw him as my sun
as a lollipop I used to like.
Then he broke my heart for fun
and just disappeared from sight.
But I still remembered the run - 
when I chased him with all my might.
Wait, I forgot how he looked like.

Pernah aku ada seseorang
yang kata dia sayang aku seorang.
Esok aku nampak tangannya dipegang
Seorang perempuan muka minta pelempang.
Bila aku bertanya garang
Dia kata itu kembarnya yang hilang.
Dia ingat aku bangang?
Aku tahu dia anak seorang.
Dan aku menjerit depan mukanya
"Kembar tak sama dengan talam dua muka!"


Hunkiecrush said...

I komen kat sini sebab latest post punya box taleh bukak. Bengong. ;l

Yang latest bestttt sbb ada Peter Pan. :p

spankuning said...

oi apa ni. haha
tapi Peter Pan i tu jahat. ;(