Friday, August 17, 2012

when I write my thoughts down.

So, tonight, I went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi, wearing a black jubah. It is weird, but my heart just told me I am winning. Seriously, sometimes I just know. 

Walked around JJ, and my tudung behaved well. No gelembung-gelembung, no senget-senget herot-berot, memang cantik terletak. I wore the new tudung Mama bought me, it's purple in colour and three-toned. In JJ, practically EVERYONE was wearing tone-coloured tudungs. Maybe you thought, oh, so everyone has that tudung. You're not winning anymore. But I still was winning, because I was the only one yang pakai tudung ada batu-batu kat belakang. Double win di situ. 

Nothing could bring me down, because I walked with my three other siblings, all male, and all look nothing like me. So people would thought that I was walking with my three male friends, so double hot di situ. Ngahahah. 

Next, I bumped into one of Ungku's friend and I talked so naturally with him, unlike how I used to be. I could not explain how I consider this as triple win. Maybe sebab jumpa kawan ex and dia nampak how cantik and happy I was. So yeah, TRIPLE WIN!

Okay, enough vanity. Nak muntah baca isi hati sendiri.

But do you get that feeling sometimes? Like you just drank a bottle of Felix Felicis, the luck potion, and everything you do feel so right. Macam my heart just say "pakailah jubah" and "pakailah tudung Mama belikan" and "pakailah eyeliner colour coklat pastu lipstik sikit" (maybe make-up is another confidence booster for me) and "buatlah muka kekwat masa jalan". Haha! It's not so that people would see how cantik I can be, but at that time everything just feel so right.

Or sometimes when the Felix nudged me to text/call my crush and ask sudden questions which seem unrelated but actually are and use that cute tone of words/voice but not too much, just to get him just a bit attracted but not annoyed. And how I just know I am saying the right thing that may seem unimportant but will leave him pondering for days or I just blurt out things that I am really thinking, which are usually so uncommon. 

I love my Scorpio-ness. :D


Naim H. said...

Hoi. Keterlanjuran apakah ini wahai wanita? Hahahahaha! Bukan je kau memang selalu konfiden taktentu arah ke? :D

spankuning said...

kan? vain gila. paling merepek, confidence level aku naik 30% kalau aku ada pakai sesuatu yang merah. haha

Hunkiecrush said...


Not all people have that. ;)

spankuning said...

actually, I memang rasa I ada Felix Felicis tu. :3

but for me, it's not the confidence that matters. it's just, sometimes, things are neatly falling into place and I am in love with that. :)