Sunday, June 20, 2010

this is not jiwang, this is just... appreciating you.

you can't imagine how nice it feels to be able to hear your voice every night.
and how happy i'll be when i managed to console you every time you cried.

just like tonight.

bila awak tiba2 tanya saya sayang awak ke tak.

bila awak tiba2 mintak saya jgn tinggalkan awak.

at first i thought you were just playing around.
but then suddenly your voice changed.
and you told me about your friend, dumped cuz his ex regarded him as "a person with no future".

dear, i just want you to know.

i don't care if you fail and fall a million times.
because who knows, you might get back up again on the million-and-first time. :)
i will always see the best of you.
and do you know what it is?
i know you'll make it, no matter how long it takes.
and that you'll achieve everything you wanted no matter how hard it is to get.
and i know you won't give up.
but if you DO feel like breaking down,

i told you i'm gonna be your rock, right?

be strong yah, encik ungku muhammad zunurain ungku zakaria. :)


..JiHa.. said...

sweeettt :)
nak jugak.hehehe

spAn_kUrAk said...

nak ape syg~?
nk ak dedicate satu post utk kau? hehe :)