Sunday, June 13, 2010

mixed! and somehow i like it. :P

1) saya bakal rindu anda.
i'm gonna stay strong thru this semester.
i'm gonna try my hardest to get another good result, even without you close to me.
this time around, it's for YOU.
and, and, i will try my hardest to go to your home for many weekends - even if i'm gonna be alone in the bus or in the train.
i'm gonna be independent!
i will not cry one bit for whatever that had happened.
for countless times, and yep, i'm gonna say it again and again
so you'll know i will always be by your side: i'm gonna be your rock!

so, mister, please do the same for me... :')

2) watched my favorite videos of Blink 182 songs.
they never fail to spark something inside me.
something exciting and hurtful at the same time.
anyway, now i understand why you like the band, in fact, you adore them.
they are funny, they are talented, they are good-looking - just like you.
i never realized until i watched them again today - you, are now looking so much the same like the Travis Barker.
i almost cried but i end up laughing softly.
my feelings for u are still here, but it's never love anymore.
i'll never forget your stupid jokes,
your crazy deeds: coming to my school to give a birthday cake to me, or to meet me, or coming to my house in the middle of the night,
your speaking in Indian, your speaking in a girl's voice...
please, excel in everything you do, be it studying or making a band and being famous...
and i'll be watching u from afar, okay? :')

one from the past, and one is at present, and i pray to God, that the one at present will also be my future. :)

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