Friday, October 22, 2010


i'm glad i've made my blog private for now.
it's so tiring, having to take care of people's feelings.
it's my blog kan, aku pun dah tulis trang-tang-tang kat url blog aku tu.
and i've stopped stating people's names in here,
so lepas nh kalau kau nak trase, suka hati kau lah.
kalau kau tak buat, mesti kau tak terasa.
lagi geram tu, sometimes post aku bukan psl mereka pun. -___-

i'm glad i took in some of people's advices.
lagi2 about "patience is a virtue".
abg kesayangan aku hantar msg wish goodnight.
sumpah terharu rasa nak nangis.
he hasn't forgotten me. :')

when people keep coming to me for a bit of happiness and relief,
i'm glad cuz i can help them.
but after a while i get tired.
i also need positiveness from people. :(
what you get, can you please give some back?

overall, still glad.
am relaxing tonight with sai and ayai.
takde rasa nak belajar pun, it's already 3.20 am.
i'm relieved. glad. happy. moved.


Haki said...



you are fine.


spAn_kUrAk said...

thanks for the support dear :')