Saturday, October 2, 2010

i don't like teddy bears because they serve for no purpose for me.

i hate rings because it makes my fingers itch.

i don't want you to treat me something most of the time because i have my own money.

i never hope and don't want to hope that you will buy something for me as a surprise.

i despise it when you are willing to make your life hard for me.

you see, darling, the purpose of having you as my boyfriend is not so that you can buy me presents or treat me to expensive restaurants or getting your balls kicked just so that i'll be happy.

just having you by my side is enough.

ungku muhammad zunurain, saya mmg awek yg baik kn? ;)

1 comment:

UngkurakTaro said...

baek cgt2..:)
sy syg awk sgt2..
awk tau kan?~