Thursday, October 21, 2010


i've decided. if you ignore me, i'll ignore you back. i'm quite relieved that you stop seeing me and talking to me, trust me. and at the same time, i'm glad that i watch your well-being outside my window.

trust me, i stalk you. but just to make sure you are happy with your life.

but if you accept me back, my door is always open. as much as i am free to make my own decision, you are, too.

good luck for your finals, my hopes are for you to score it without feeling tensed as i am right now.


do NOT expect me to apologize to you anymore. it is time for you to stop thinking about yourself. now is the time for you to think about people you hurt - no matter how little it is. it is time for you to stop blaming people on YOUR doings. it is time for you to take, in a positive way, what i have been advising you.

you can hate me, but i never will. good luck, friend.

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