Monday, October 18, 2010

curlycurly hair~

cuba bayangkan rambut aku kerinting geligeli afro gitu. harus comel kan? hahah. lambat lagi. those curls are my problems - they keep surrounding my head, with no sign of going away.

feel so tensed right now. woke up on 3 am, semayang isyak, then sit here wondering. am i doing the right thing?

i don't think it helps if i keep telling my problems to people. they are too busy, they need a rest.

i think we should separate. we've been stuck together for too long now. it's been almost two years, is it? i don't think we can stand seeing each other's faces anymore. so, i think i'll go. when? i'm not sure.

just remember that i always care for you. i can never stop worry if you appear late to tests, i fear you overslept and missed it. i'm worried if you go out late at night - though i myself always do the same - and you'd be so sleepy to go to class. i'm worried when you are too busy with your work and your social life, until you went sick.

please do not assume that i'm telling you things because i dislike you, or backstabbing you. you are my friend, right? and always will be. i really really really love you.

please do not ignore me. T____T

i totally understand if you go and tell people bad things about me behind my back, that is part of human nature. even i do the same. and then i start to feel guilty too much so i'll try to do things that i feel nice to make it up.

the truth is, i love you friends. sorry for everything.


cuna_cuni said...

sesungguhnya semua ni sekejap je..
biasa lah tu, we actually shudve seen this coming.
chill babe, chill(ayat envina) hehe
to me, takpayah pikir banyak sgt.coz itll go away real soon.

spAn_kUrAk said...

thanks cuna. huwaaaa T___T
aku perlu concentrate exam skang kan? :P