Saturday, July 31, 2010

a best friend you never knew you had.

first of all, it's a HE.
  • whenever i feel sad, he'll come by and do stupid jokes to make me feel annoyed.
  • he never really minds every time i told him to do stupid things together. mcm "jom pegi BB! naik moto!"
  • when i didn't have any transport to go home with, he will always be the one who'd ask "kau ok tak?" *that is kalau girlfriends aku takde kat situlah.
  • he always help me with everything. hantar balik rumah especially.
  • he called me 'budak' and i always felt that as a sign of affection.
  • and then there's this one time when i asked him to join me in doing something he REALLY don't wanna do. at last he agreed. and why? cuz he said it's "for the sake of my best friend".

mana lagi nak jumpa kawan mcm tu?

tp kesian, pilihan hati dia selalu org pelik2. :D


A said...

kenapa DIA pilih org pelik?
why dont he choose me instead.
aku normal.

spAn_kUrAk said...

die sgt baik aw, jz kdg2 annoying sket :D