Friday, July 9, 2010

to encik ungku,

as strong as i am right now, life is just not the same without you. who am i to go find another to accompany me, when all have their own lives?

i miss my old life; where i got you right where i want you. where i don't have to stare at my ultraman jibbit you bought for me to reminisce our memories (the truth is, i see you in everything i see), where i don't have to hear the script's song which instantly reminds me of you (and the truth is, i will remember you in every song i hear), where i don't have to shy away from your numerous friends; cuz i'll know you were always beside me the whole time.

i won't cry - cuz i'll know the situation will end up with me consoling you; you're the one who'll end up crying. heheh.

i just wanna pray hard that you can continue your studies, be it uitm or anywhere else. distance doesn't matter anymore for me, i just wanna see you rise and excel.

i promise i won't cry! *ikat kelenjar air mata*

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