Thursday, July 1, 2010

too sleepy to be annoyed.

sekarang ini sgt mengantuk.

woke up by 11.30, went practising driving again, but today it was only for one hour.

headed home, nobody's around, the door's locked. tried to poke the keys inside using a long stick used to hang clothes, but to no avail. out of frustration and annoyance, went to a grocery shop opposite of the house to buy chrysanthemum tea and some nasi lemak. headed back home, still no sign of living things, proceeded to hang washed clothes bro left outside of the house (cursing silently all the while - hanging clothes was not my frickin' job).

5 minutes later, bro came home with mama and faris. told him to wash the dishes cuz i already took time finishing his effin' task. he refused. groaning with utter disgrace, went straight to the kitchen, washed the dishes, being extra careful to not putting those fragile things gently to their place.

bro asked whether wanna go to bukit raja or not. really badly want a pair of flats, so followed him. there, found no shoes with price lower than rm50, so with ultimate disappointment (NOT!) instead used the money to buy mcflurry and famous amos cookies.

my bro is a douchebag.
i'm happy whenever i could share things with my mom and dad.
and eventhough i'm freakin' sleepy right now, i took every strength i had to read a friend's blog. relax dear, we'll get thru this together :)



...chu-are... said...

untuk kamu~

spAn_kUrAk said...

hahah! thanks!