Friday, January 28, 2011

aku pun ada ego.

i don't understand guys, so much as they don't understand girls.
these past few weeks, it's always been from me to you.
why must i start it first?
why, all the time, must i be the one who said 'i miss you' or 'can i have dinner with you?' or 'i'll text you'?
it feels very one-sided; me giving and you taking, every time.

is it so shameful for you to say it first?
why do you need to wait for me?
why do you ask "who's gonna text first?" or "why don't you text me first?"
why, when you do want to meet me too, must you wait for me to say the same thing?

it's tiring.
it's like i'm the only one who gives the commitment.
and when i'll try to talk to you about it,
you'll have this rampage and defensiveness that i'll rather stay quiet.
and you'll say i'm sulking and how much you've done for me.
maybe i'm just too ignorant.
maybe there are faults from my side.
apologies in advance.

still, just a few "i miss you" or "can i meet you?"s from you would be nice.
i will certainly appreciate that. :'(

i remember those times.
maybe it's true from what i read; 
'men are like rubber bands. 
you just gotta let them stretch away before they'll bounce back to you'.
perhaps i'll do it. i gotta do it.

happy chinese new year.
i hope u'll miss me when i'm away.

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