Thursday, January 6, 2011

LOL - Love of Literature

i guess my bad habit has possessed me back - skipping classes. chances will be higher if the class does not seem to catch my interest. cliched much? 

nonetheless, i'd skipped Literature in ESL Classroom twice now. first reason is because i seriously do not like Literature that much (then why the hell do you take it??!) and secondly, i don't really like female lecturers. majority of them are SO strict. also, most female lecturers always teach according to the syllabus so that they never sway.

 and that's what caught me off.

i seriously think that education is an on-going process in life. not everything can be learnt through books and syllabuses. Literature, particularly. i do not take this as my minor just because i want to learn the theme, characteristics and what every stanza in a poem means. i wanna appreciate a good Literature as a whole.  which brings us back to point number 1 - this is the reason why i don't really love Literature as i was back in high school. 

gambar ini seriously ada double meaning. :D

that's why i was so happy and relieved when Mr. Kieran said that he doesn't want to touch on poetic devices. since Asasi, whenever questions regarding poetic devices were thrown out by the lecturers, my answers were always wrong. it was as if they did not want to accept my point of view. they want every students to look at the Literature pieces their way. it got me so much that i stopped answering questions in the class. heck, even failed my Literature quiz.  it's ironic and embarrassing at the same time - i remember a lecturer of mine once said, "there is no right and wrong in Literature". then, why don't you practice what you preach?

tahniah, kini kelas Literature sebijik macam ni rasanya.

then, i always imagine myself as the writer of a Literature piece. if, say, my Literature piece is chosen into the syllabus. i seriously do not want people to look at my piece and search for the theme. the tone. the point-of-view. why humans tend to make everything simple as complicated as they can? 

the purpose of Literature is just for you to enjoy it and take the values into thinking, that's all.

oh well, guess i'll be condemned if i say this out loud at the faculty. i'd rather people say i'm a bad student for skipping classes this much.

kalau buat muka mcm ni dpt pelepasan tak? :D


junior_sysco said...

now you know why i didnt take literature.. my point of view is just not accepted and found to be too dark for 'normal people' whatta?

spAn_kUrAk said...

ironic lah! i hate how lecturers judge our answers.

still, aku amek supaya moga2 aku jadi cikgu yg tak judge opinion bebudak. hihi