Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what a sh!tty start turns out to be a happy ending :)

kena marah masa kelas psycho tadi.
my presentation seriously sucks ass.
nh mesti sbb semayang subuh pukul 9 stgh tadi. -____-

the good side is ungku dtg hari nh! *shine shine* :)
we hung out at ole-ole sbb serious sh!t tak penah pegi.
and i managed to buy a pair of new jeans.
nh mmg lepas geram psl kelas psycho nh. huhu.

sweetheart, thank you...
sorry sbb byk usik awk tadi, and merajuk, and usik lagi.
u've got a helluva crazy lady in your arms right now. :P

can't wait for tonight's event pulak. ;)

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