Thursday, August 19, 2010

i'm learning so pls support me! :)

after much much much thinking plus jumpa boi tadi dekat hijazi and dia bukak balik story presentation psycho tadi, i've decided.
i will only look at it from the positive side and i won't crumble down if i were the one who'll get the lowest mark.
it's a start for me to be better, aite?
just like every time a new semester started, i would always be the one who didn't shine as much as others, who would always be the problematic one, who would always skip classes, who would always get scolded - but i somehow survived.
to cik cuna, cik khai and encik ayai, thank you very much for making me feel a lot better about that sucky presentation. *heart*

from the brighter side,

i am now learning on how to play a guitar! :)

even though still tak sure pasal status halal haram dia, i still learn to play it a little.
oh please someone, tell me it's not forbidden, i wanna learn it merely for self-satisfaction.
lagipun jeles bila tengok org senang2 je boleh play a couple of songs, no sweat, while i'm still fumbling on the notes and the chords and the tabs.
thanks to sifu cuna, i currently managed to somehow make a tune of the

Bieber's song, Baby


MCR's Disenchanted intro


a bit of Kristy, Are You Doing Okay jam (i already forgotten how to)


the latest song i'm learning to play is Jason Castro's Let's Just Fall in Love Again (it's so effin' sweet, i can't resist searching the chords right after listening to it for the first time).

oh, i forgot.

i first learnt the notes when sifu cuna taught me on how to play the D'Masiv song - Cinta Ini Membunuhku. ;)

thank you, sifu cuna! *bow*

oh, if and only if i could get another Dean's List this sem, i was thinking of begging my mom to buy me a guitar - which i won't care if it's a cheap one as long as it sounds awesome - or maybe, just maybe...

the most basic kind of a DSLR camera.

please support me, sweethearts.
i know i'm a noob for all these things but i'll seriously try. :)

p/s: this has seriously made my day. :)


aYai~~ said...

mowtip!!!! hahaha...
buang mse blaja men guitar~~

spAn_kUrAk said...

asal pulak nk buang masa...
aku suka :)