Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the best of both worlds.

i can't tell how lucky i am to have you both.

you are so sweet. you are never afraid to cry and tell your feelings to me, despite what people would say. you do feel embarrassed sometimes, but you can't imagine how proud i am to have you. although we argue a lot about things - which most of them were sparked by me - the ending will always be you, crying and said how much you love me. how you are afraid to lose me. and despite any reckless deeds i've done and how much you're worried about me, there was never a time that you didn't put your trust in me. thank you for today, dear. i promise i will listen to you starting from today. i don't want people talking bad things about us - about you. cuz you're the best gift God has given me. :')

seriously, i will always remember how i came to know you. how i've changed since then! but you - nothing about you right now is any different like how i remembered you six years ago. although you have a mouth that likes to tease me, at the end of the day you will never forget to ask "have you eaten today?" and when we went to mcD and i only ate chicken burger to curb my hunger, you made such a fuss about it! sampai sanggup belanja GCB. heheh. and you were never angry everytime i appeared up late. even we are so further apart with rare contact, the care is always there. thank you, big brother. i hope you'll find a girl worthy enough for you. :)

thank you God, for giving me the best of both guys. may we last forever :')

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