Saturday, August 21, 2010

the season of stress.

i think it has came again for this semester.
sbb ramai org dah start meluahkan perasaan stress dorg kt blog.
it's okay people! we're in this together, right? :)

as for me, there's one thing i felt quite (i'm not sure what word should i used here -___-).
it goes like this:
sometimes, students who get scolded by lecturers won't necessarily be the ones who'd end up with low grades.
so, u should not be all high and mighty and ignoring us every time that happens.
i, myself had become a subject of teachers' and lecturers' attacks since primary school.
and though it happened that way, my teachers and lecturers always fail to remember my name, i wonder why. :P

dah, tu je nak cakap. nak practise main gitar jap.
toodles, love.

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