Friday, August 13, 2010

Gifted And Young.

i don't like gays. honestly.

but i've always wondered why most of them became my friends.
like, what part in me that makes them feel comfortable with me?

no, i do not HATE them.
how could i, when most of them are my dear friends?
mcm encik A, dan encik A, dan encik B, dan encik Z, dan encik D?
and many others that i haven't mentioned here.

deep in my heart, i'm always praying for you guys to change.
you deserved so much more, you know that?
you deserve a nice girl. a good life.
bukan hidup menjual melahar kat tasik ke ape.
don't you feel like something is wrong with your life right now?

everytime swear words or things about other guys came out of your mouth,
i would always have the same thought:

"no, this is not the real you. the you i know is the one who talk nicely to people, who will always help me thru hardships. who always walked me home when i'm alone. who will accompany me to go to eat when i'm hungry. who will always apologize for any wrongs."

p/s: dear God, during this fasting month, pls at least give them some realization of what they do wrong. i love you guys no matter what. :-*

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