Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the unforgotten tale.

once upon a time, there was this happy girl. she liked to laugh, and although she was a little bit shy, she loved to say nice things to people because it made her really happy.

then one day, she and her friend ran and ran, because it was raining. they managed to find shelter under the roof of a bus stand. then only the girl realized that there was someone who was not taking shelter.

it was a boy, and he looked lonely and pitiful. he sat alone on the ground, under the rain. she was so shy to talk to him, but she tried her best and asked, "hello there, why don't you sit with us?" and she smiled sincerely. the boy quickly shook his head and looked at other way.

the next day, the girl smiled again at the boy, which he replied reluctantly. they became friends, or so she thought.

once, she smiled at him and called out his name. he did not hear it, or pretended not to hear.

once, she asked why did he look so gloomy. he shook his head and walked off.

once, she offered him a candy. he threw a ball of socks at her face.

once, she shared her food with him. he ate his while looking away from her.

once, she kept him company when he was alone. he left her while she was scared of being alone at night.

once, she made jokes. he slapped her shoulder hard.

once, she sat there quietly. he came and swore at her.

the girl cried so much, but she did not want the boy to know. so she kept smiling at him and kept treating him nicely. she knew he did not meant to do what he had done. she knew he was alone. yet small questions kept coming to her, as to why was she treated ever so lowly?

*i'm sorry, i cannot think of an ending for this story. :')

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