Thursday, March 10, 2011

the sweetest things

1. when someone i had a crush on for three years called me almost every night just to listen to me rambling.

2. when papa forgot my birthday and he suddenly remembered so he brought me to pasar malam and bought me fried chicken.

3. when i had a big fight with someone and suddenly he pulled my hand and led me into my favourite bakery and bought me my favourite blueberry cheese tarts.

4. when i was pissed off with someone because he forgot my birthday and the next day he visited me at school with a box of cappuccino birthday cake.

5. when i requested a patrick plushie from my favourite bro and he sent it in a big box together with a big bar of toblerone.

6. when he knew i was crying and he came running in the rain.

7. when he said that he would blindfold me and bring me to a secret place and i could choose whatever i want there. just the thought of it made me feel so happy.

8. when someone i had came to like so much said he felt the same way about me.

9. when it was my birthday and everybody pretended like they forgot and suddenly i was bombarded with birthday cards and hundreds of birthday wishes.

i do not have many sweet moments in my life. however, these little things i have, i'll make sure i won't forget them. :')


p.i.n.a.t. said...

syg,i think i know that no. 4 moment.hahaha.
that cake sgt sedap,but that person sgt tuuuuuuuuut./siaran tergendala/

spankuning said...

i miss that moment. :') not the guy though. haha.