Wednesday, March 23, 2011


go google it up. hehe.

so, i'm now updating this at the library, while accompanying Sir Faiz Fadzil printing Elia's work. this is gonna be a rambling, so bare with me yup. :D

yesterday, we spent our night at KFC seksyen 2 finishing this sucker of a lesson plan. thank God today the class starts at two. so after me and my boyfie and Faiz finished our work, we kinda hung out in front of the 7E, and i saw this cat. i went meow meow at it and it came. they said that it was hungry, so i went to 7E and bought a packet of Friskies.

when i went out, i went meow meow at the said cat while shaking the Friskies packet. and then suddenly came a-runnin' several other cats which i hadn't seen before. they went all giddy and such, so i poured the Friskies on the pavement and they ate.

the cat from before didn't wanna share, it seemed, and it started clawing at other cats which tried to get close to 'its food'. i patted its head a bit roughly and it was shocked and went eating the Friskies quietly.

another cat tried to do the same, which was clawing at another cat that wanna share, so i did the same to it. this time, the cat went sulky and sat at the corner, watching its other friends ate.

then i started to understand, so i poured a portion of the Friskies here and there so that they all got their equal share. then me and Faiz went home.

you cannot imagine how happy i was for i was able to feed the cats. next time i'll buy more Friskies! it's only RM1.60 per packet anyway. :)

i lurveeee cats!

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