Monday, March 7, 2011

if it's love, i'll pray for you. always.

she missed him. a lot.
so she texted him. "can we meet?"
so they decided to meet at school.
she walked around to class,
unaware of other people watching her.
all she ever thought was how fast her heart was beating.
it's like the first time you're about to meet your loved one.
except that they weren't together.
as she walked, she saw him.
their eyes met, but she quickly looked away.
i can't, she thought.
i can't let him see how weak i'll be whenever i'm near him.
i can't let him see how my eyes shine whenever i saw him.
i can't let him know what i truly felt for him...
though she never knew why.
so she pretended not to see him.
he was waiting at the stairs, with his friend.
she walked off, went into class, as normal.
she had fun, forgetting her phone.
she bought food, only that she didn't feel like eating.
all around she offered the food, but none would take it.
hours later, she checked it, saw two messages.
"wei mangkuk, cakap nak jumpa!"
"aku pegi dewan tau."
she smiled. how valuable those messages were!
she ran to the school hall.
she saw him waiting for her at the door.
they sat together, shared the food she bought.
and both were in their school uniforms.


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