Sunday, July 3, 2011


have i told you how i hate arguments?

it makes everyone snappy, become too emotional, hostile and numerous other negative feelings.
what if we argue with our friends and family?
after the argument, everyone would feel awkward, right?
that's why i hate arguments.

now, everybody is arguing about the BERSIH demo.
i am not prone to anything, but i still think this demo is the right thing to do.
and i think the government is so damn paranoid with yellow nowadays.
to the extent of making a few short commercials banning this demo.
it made me laugh so hard.
what about PERKASA, and Patriot?
when they say BERSIH ni menyusahkan org ramai,
what about PERKASA Pulau Pinang, who wants to make their demo ON the Penang Bridge?

again, i wanna say that i am not too prone in politics.
i always like to be a silent reader.
reading people's blogs and arguments about it.
somehow, i think the government is biased.
when you say the BERSIH rally mengancam keselamatan yadda yadda,
what if there's no police or FRU there?
i doubt it'll be a huru-hara thing.
dah kalau kena water cannon, takkanlah tak huru-hara ye dok?

for me, people have the freedom to think.
and they have the right to decide what's right and wrong for them.
for people who ban BERSIH,
i'm not gonna change your mind. go on with your choice.
i still think this demo is a right thing to do,
and though i'm not gonna be there,
they have my full support. :)

again, i just hate arguments.
that's why when people disagree with me,
i'll back off immediately and just take note of their points.
but do keep this in mind,
mengalah tak bererti kalah.
i don't want my friendship turn awkward because of politics.
there's no need to be too fanatic with it,
because we are still learning.

have an awesome Sunday, people! ;)

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