Tuesday, February 8, 2011

wish i could help. wish i had been some help.

i was shocked when he cried in front of us suddenly. 
it is not natural to see him NOT HAPPY.
he always cheer people up, in my sight.
but when things have come to this, how can we cheer him up?

when he cried as he told us the things he'd done and should've done,
i was silent. like a dead mouse.
my thoughts were filled with things that i'd felt useless to say to console him.
i just listen to him talking and people suggesting things he can do.

bapak loser doh aku.

but when he miscalled just now, 
i said all the things that i think i wanna hear, if i'm in his shoes.
and when he said thanks...

i'm glad cuz he pour out a little of his sadness to me.
i feel that i'm actually his friend.
i am actually significant in someone's life.

i may speak lousy words to cheer you up,
but i can be one hell of a good listener when u need me, okay?

may Allah be with you. Amin.

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