Tuesday, February 22, 2011

our second year

together. despite our constant bickering and laughing, we managed to come this far. really, it's NOT easy, being with the same person for so long. how could he stand me? :D

well, dahling, though we did not go and celebrate it with a candlelight dinner (well, candles depan rumah aku tu dah cukup) or somewhere expensive (a hint for Kenny Rogers'), i still think it was better - though the absence of claypot rice made me REALLLLL disappointed.

googling this image makes me want to facescreen.

we just went to the Noodle Station at Plaza Alam Sentral - it has always been my favourite place of eatery. i brought this VERY big piece of drawing paper, rolled. when he asked, i just told him that i need to return it back to the place where i bought it cuz someone had scribbled on it.

he believed it until i told him to open up the piece of paper and a cuter version of him came falling down (LOL). 

looks small aite?

 real size. 
ok la tu 1/3 dari saiz sebenar. :D

seeing his surprised and elated expression was enough for me that night. he couldn't stop thanking me the whole night, and after we ate we went to hang out with encik pain dan cik aribah. :D

well, i gotta say thanks to some people, too.

so, thanks ungku sebab sanggup pakai lawa-lawa semalam sampai semua orang ingat awak ada kelas malam. thanks lin, you've been a very big help by lending me that big set of pencil colours. thanks monmon and others for your opinions regarding what i should give to the big guy. and thanks for everyone who pray that we'll last forever. i love you guys, top notch! ;)

so, encik ungku,

agak-agak bila awak nak bagi saya hadiah pulak? :D


panda putih said...

wah! comel la nex. semoga berbahagia

tnoe said...

awok happy anniversary!
Sweeeeeeeeet nyewwwwwwwwwww
nak jugak!