Wednesday, February 23, 2011


1. hari ini adalah hari yg sangat shitty.

2. the feeling when the outcome of your assignment doesn't match your effort.

3. when you're sooooo tired but you can't rest cuz others are counting on you to help them.

4. people bringing themselves up by tearing others down.

5. working my ass off just to let someone else takes all the credits.

6. when someone you love told you that this is just a small matter.

7. when i can't bring myself to have even one speck of positiveness in me right now.

8. when some people see their problems bigger than others.

i seriously need to go out and have a drink, just to cool my mind down. but how strange! at times like this i never know whom to call. :(
nevertheless, i know some of my friends are experiencing the same thing as i do. don't give up dears, i'll try my best to help you whenever i can. i love you guys :')

and this is only, like, the second month of the semester? T____T

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