Monday, June 6, 2011

things i learnt today

1) gorgeous miss Raihan Ibrahim has taught me about the time differences in the UK and Malaysia. also a big thanks to my one friend who initially asked about it. now i know a lot! complete with some knowledge about the Daylight Saving Time. and not to forget mr. Google for being so knowledgeable. hehe.

cik ean di sebelah kiri. : D

2) today i learnt another thing which i should be grateful of (ops, i think i should rephrase this, but whatever). it is that i have the bestest of the best mister ex-boyfie who is ALWAYS so caring of me. yesterday we talked over the phone, he cried just from remembering that one time i was left alone at Seksyen 19 and he had to pick me up. i felt so touched. he is so nice, i just forget about this because we were always fighting most of the time. even now, when we were no longer lovers. duhhhhh. i guess being separated means nothing for us, which is a good thing. : )

selalu rasa dia comel kalau sengih nampak gigi. hoho.

3) i guess i should follow what Kei wants to do too, that is, fasting in the month of Rejab! : ) looking at how lazy and procrastinating i am, i might not be able to fast for a whole 15 days. but i sure need to fast for at least two days (balance puasa ganti) and pay off those puasa nazar. insyaAllah. : )

konon insaf la ni. hahah

4) it might be a little too late to say this, but i got that KPM scholarship. alhamdulillah~ this shows how Allah always care about us even though we too often neglect Him - as in this case, me. this gift has made me learn more about being grateful and try a lot harder to become a good servant of His in this world. thank you for everything, Allah.

: )