Sunday, June 19, 2011

enjoying life.

you can't imagine how happy i am,
spending the long holiday at my own home.
to my own surprise, it has been two months and i still haven't feel bored.
at all.
here and there, my friends are already begging to go back in Shah Alam.
i beg to differ. Shah Alam is hell to me. urgh.

right now, it's only the four of us in the big house.
papa, who works on shifts, 
and this week he works at night and come back home in the morn.
at that time we're not awake yet, 
so papa'll do some things i.e. rolling his cigarettes or working on our little garden
 and then sleep his way off.
mama, who wakes up but never make breakfast
 cuz the whole house never take breakfast anyway.
faris, devoting his free time to the internet,
and finally, me, who loves to sleep at 5 a.m. and wakes up at 3. 

i'm at peace here, at my home.
we seldom eat together as a family,
but sometimes when i hear mama and papa talking in the kitchen,
i will tergedik-gedik turun and open the fridge and close it and open it back
and take some cold water
and then menyibuk-nyibuk duduk satu meja dgn mama papa.

often at nights when we hear our tummies rumbling,
i would follow papa to buy some food at a stall nearby.
or every Tuesday and Friday nights, we would go to the night market.

i love to mengekor papa everywhere he goes.
it is sometimes to fill my free time,
but most of the time i feel obliged to follow him.
for me, it is a way for me to accompany him
and have our father-daughter moment. :)
as for mama, we talk about girly stuffs.
baju raya nanti nak colour apa, nak beli apa, nak buat lauk apa, 
yadda yadda yadda.
and whenever i feel like it, i'll pester my lil bro when he's surfing the internet.

i love my life. :)
and most importantly, i love my family.

but yeah, i do miss my hectic life in Shah Alam.
and on the 5th semester, i vow to do better than this sem.
get back that DL pointer, targeting 3.7 and above, insyaAllah.
also, am working my ass off (not really) to kill some weight.
to date, 4 kilos have been shed. muahahahaha.

to you peeps, take care of yourself.
and love your family, aite?
i miss you guys. :)

and oh, Happy Father's Day, papa!

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