Thursday, June 16, 2011

being hipster.

i will always detach myself from anything that has become other people's favourites.

when so many people are fanatics to Maharaja Lawak, i won't watch it. even if people share the vids on facebook.

when so many people buy blackberry, saying it's cool and hype and convenient to have, it kills my lust to own it too. and automatically, i'll be in love with my 'lame' old Sony Ericsson.

if so many people become engrossed in reading and watching Inspector Conan, i'll go and resort myself to Hajime Kindaichi instead. never heard of it? that's coz i'm so hipster bebeh. :D

when people go crazy over Nora Elena, surprisingly i've become a hater to that series. oh no, hate is a strong word, eh? but i really, really dislike the story. 

same goes to K-Pop.

and surprisingly when so many people hate Bieber, i automatically become addicted to his songs, even to the extent of making them as my ringtone (the main goal is just to annoy people though. haha)

and most importantly, when people go crazy on their favourite artists, say, Aaron Aziz or Lisa Surihani, i would NEVER EVER give a d*mn. last time i was forced to go to KL Gangster Meet and Greet session, i just stood idly there where many people are shoving others' asses off to take a good pic of their favourite idol.

duh. i dunno, i like being different. even when others see me as lame or pathetic. even when choosing a crush, i would never choose someone upfront or 'menonjol' kata mereka. i always opt for the mysterious one - the ones yg tak banyak bercakap. i find them more appealing. ;)

i once read my own zodiac sign, it said Scorpios are very proud of themselves. maybe for me, being hipster is something that i can be proud of coz i'm being different. hahaha silly me. but hey, everybody's unique actually.



baru je aku publish entry ni, tiba-tiba mama cakap pasal Jozan dan Sepah. mama pon dah kena penyakit Maharaja Lawak! ini sangat bertentangan dengan tujuan entry ini! T____T

biarlah, sayang mama punya pasal. aku download kan la nanti video2 nyeeee. huhu.

lagi satu, berat turun lagi sekilo! woohoooooo! :D


panda putih said...

hey, hajime kindaichi sy suke jugak mey! penyiasat remaja xsilap..

spankuning said...

yeayyyy ada geng! :)