Sunday, June 12, 2011

of wanting someone so much.

have you ever had this feeling?
when you saw the signboard and your thoughts automatically flew to him.
but your rationale cut it down.
"stop dreaming. it's just a coincidence."
but you couldn't stop thinking,
that maybe, JUST maybe,
he might be just a few metres away from you.
that when you stopped by a shop,
he might JUST be around the corner.
that when you're on the road, stuck in a traffic jam,
he might JUST be a few cars away from yours.
all because of that signboard showing the name of his place.
and your thoughts of him would increasingly grow.
so big you felt like your mind is leaving your body,
searching for anything regarding him.
and you started to wonder,
with thoughts this strong, does his heart feel it?
would he have a hunch, or just a tickle in his heart,
that someone is thinking of him?

and you'd think "meh. things like that only happen in love stories. fictions."
but in the tiniest place of your heart,
you pray that it is true,
although it only looks like a very very sweet dream.


panda putih said...

so sweet mey~

spankuning said...

heeeeeee saya dah angau la dell! :D