Friday, May 20, 2011

this teaching career.

hari ni tolong mama mengajar bebudak sekolah dia lagi.
tonight, i was more positive than i did before.
i thought "well let's get this over and done with."
and boy, did mindset really help you. : )

yeah, yeah, the kids were as noisy as hell.
there was this all-the-time-giggling girl,
the spaced out girl and the staring girl,
and the boys, just being boys.
throwing those gumpalan kertas at each other,
playing with their handset and stuff.

you can babble all you want about classroom management to me,
but i just couldn't care less.
for me, these kids were just Standard 5, man.
let's don't get too strict with them, aye?
furthermore i never want my students to see me as strict.

though i tried to saja2 je marah at them.
they said "cikgu ni lemah-lembut sangatlah."
i laughed. no one has ever said that i am lemah-lembut. puhleaase. : P
i did shout several times at them, showed my angry face.
they went quiet for a while and continued their main-main bising-bising.
but hey, i wasn't really mad though.
when i taught them just now,
i did not hope they would absorb it all in right there at the mo'.
i just hoped that someday, when they do get the exact same question as what they did tonight,
they'll remember about those things i babbled before.
just one, and that'll make me the happiest person alive. : )

many people said that they don't cut out to be a teacher.
trust me, i do think the same thing too.
but to me, if i can see these kids as more than just kids,
i can be a teacher.
heck, i dreamed of being one since i was in Standard 1.
when i saw them being noisy and playful and stuff,
i think "so that's how i was back in my primary school."
and i just let them be, not 100% though. : D

and yes, dua jam je rm50.
sape lagi nak bagi weh. haha.


Anonymous said...

nak translate jap. hehehehe

spankuning said...

hahaha sorryyyy
pasni aku tulis in malay. hihi

RtaiN said...

i still think that i would be a horrifying teacher hehe :p

spankuning said...

kita kena cuba dulu kan rtain! ;)