Monday, May 9, 2011


1. seesh, i miss you. last two nights i 'accidentally' looked at your pic, and i had to resist the urge of looking at you for more than 10 seconds. f*ck this. T___T

2. i decided that being officially single is the best. kalau ada jodoh, adalah. besides, i'm sure both of us will do better. i want to see you succeed. i'm sure you will, without me. : )

3. i miss my classmates. the craziest beaches. hehe.

4. this is my thought : if my wish is granted, insyaAllah, i have planned several things to do in accordance to it. never mind, you don't have to understand what it is that i'm babbling about.

5. right now, i'm giving my best effort to achieve something. pray for me, ya? : )

that's all for now. toodles. ; )

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