Friday, May 6, 2011

the night sea.

my love and i will go for a holiday at the beach. 

my love and i, we will rent a hotel room that directly faces the beach. we will wait until the night comes, so that we can boil some water, make some hot drinks and put some biscuits on the plate. we will bring our small 'tea party' outside, at the balcony, where a small table with two chairs awaits. 

we will sit there for hours of the night, sipping our drinks while we just watch the waves slapping the white sand over and over again. and i, i will take out my sketch book and pencil, and i will draw the face of my loved one - his eyes, eager, filled with the image of the sea, his hair blown gently by the night wind and he'll push his hair back his forehead again. then, we'll read comics together, laugh, then just sit there looking at each other deeply, not realizing how seconds slowly turn to minutes.

then i will stand up and tap his shoulder, and climb over the balcony, running towards the sea. and he will tag along. we, running together until we fall into the sand, hugging each other. and we will silently lay there, looking at the big round moon and feel the smooth night breeze and count the stars visible to our eyes and listen to the sound of the waves.

and i will take out my camera and we will pose like crazy like we are the only ones left in this world.

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