Monday, November 29, 2010

how to go through a breakup - SPAN's way.

what are these?
these, ladies and gentlemen, are not MY way to get over someone.
to me, all these quotes are lies.

why don't we just accept the fact that he/she doesn't need us anymore?
why do we feel the need to have such negative thoughts about our exes?

let's be rational and a lil bit matured, 'kay.
if we broke up, it's just not meant to be.
i know how hard it is to forget someone, but think.
it's not only his/her fault, we do have our bad sides too.

so, apa point aku cakap mcm ni?
aku rasa bila kita break, benda first yg kena buat is MUHASABAH DIRI.
Allah buat kita mcm ni sbb takdir kita bukan dgn org tu.
we just need to repair ourselves, and wait -
someone better will eventually come along. :)

secondly, POSITIVE MINDSET, people.
anda tahu tak bila anda seorg yg positif,
benda yg buruk pun boleh nampak baik?

and thirdly, LET TIME HEALS YOU.

i've been there. i've felt hurt. until this day i can't stop stalking my ex.
but who cares?
at least aku tak sakit hati bila tengok dia dah ada awek baru.
cuz i already found many better people - you, you, and you. :)

the key is yourself.

p/s: let's pray hard for our upcoming result on the 10th. :$

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