Thursday, March 4, 2010

when you think that your life is the worst.

all this while i whined a lot about having a bz month.
what with the assignments, problems and all.
but when i got home this afternoon,
it changed my view.

see, my papa, he works at a tyre-manufacturing factory.
die pegi keje everyday, pukul6 pg.
td die habis keje pukul 3, then die terus amek ak kt sini.
(it's for the ptptn thingy).
smpy umh, xsmpt nk duduk ke ape,
terus pergi cek borang2 tu.
scan and print pape yg ptot.
then he said casually:

"dowg (bos die) suro ak msok (keje) pukul 7 ni."

ak ternganga kot. krenye papa kne kerje 2x.
at 5 pm i fell asleep (tuala pn xsmpt bukak).
around 8.15 i woke up and found my daddy gone (means dh gi keje la).
then td pkul11 stgh die blek umh,
terus anta ak blek shah alam.

sumpah touching sial.
ak yg bru kelas dr 10.30 am - 7pm dh mbebel2 cm org gile,
bpk ak yg bz dr 6am-12am, xkecoh pun.

saya sayang papa saya.
dan mama juge.

*ak rse ak org plg brtuah dlm dunia sbb ade most reliable parents.:')*

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