Sunday, March 7, 2010


this week is very exhausting.
and i added it with overnights = less sleep.
my eyes are practically bagged and black-ringed.
sooo like a panda. pfft.

not to mention yesterday.
after class i had to stay at the fac,
until 4pm for today's project thingy.
waited for the bus for like two effing hours,
and when i finally got to walk home,
it was a rain disaster.
i went into the house, soaking wet,
and rushed to my room.
what i had in my mind at that time,
i need to wash my clothes as i had nothing to wear to meet my darl that night.
alas! somebody else was using the machine.
while waiting, i dozed off, waking up now and then.
but i just didn't have the energy to really wake up...
10pm. i called him and said that we couldn't meet.
i feel like crying.
imagine cannot meeting ur love jz cuz u don't have a single shirt to wear!
sucks, right?
but i still felt a littlest bit of happiness - why?
cuz at least i xsusahkn die.
die penah ckp...
8-10 pm is his study time actually.
and die bru2 nh xckup tdo sbb dok lyn ak yg tah pape nh (these are my words, not his).
ak happy sgt sbb brjaye xjmpe die sehari.
will try harder next time, promise...:)
after that i dozed off again, and woke up at 4.
i quickly turned on the washing machine and do whatever necessary.
then, preparing for today's project etc. etc.,
and went straight to the fac.

today was a total blast!
nothing can bring me down today...
except that dear friend and this totally fucked up headache.
i feel like my head is going to explode.
about that particular friend,
i've decided to ignore him/her (dunno what it is actually).
i feel like saying "whataya want from me?!" to that friend,
but after careful thinking,
why bother?:)
*forget those for a while, this is my lil' bro. :)*

and about this headache,
it was something i never experienced for quite some time.
maybe i cannot endure this stress and busy-ness anymore.
maybe i need a rest...
oh, and yeah, i never bothered to tell anyone.
after all, i got this headaches all the time.
nothing unusual.:)

so tonight's plan is *pajama party!* kat bilik artiah,
and tomorrow morn kne setelkn ptptn thingy nh.
gosh, actually xprepare pape pon! :(

tu jek kot.

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