Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a note for you

dear friend,
if u have any problems,
plz tell me straight,instead of waiting for me to ask.
friendship doesn't go that way,dear.
i'm not God,who knows what u feel or think.
i am also not very nice as to cater to u all the time.
if u think so,
doesn't that make u dependent on me,too?

and dear friend,
i understand that u tell me to change.
thank u so much for being such a good friend.:')
i personally feel *plz jgn ckp ak ske crik slh org lg*
that in friendship,fairness is essential.
dlm kes nh,i know my faults are bigger n way more than yours.
but i would really appreciate it if u admit yours,too,and apologize.
everybody makes mistakes,kn.
so kne fair and square la.
things may have look settled,
but,sorry to say,i stil feel some dissatisfaction.
mcm,asal ak jek kne admit slh ak?
slh kowg?ak kne diamkn..nnt kne cop ske pangkah org pulak.
hmmm.sorry la.
u can say i'm egoistic,or ske crik slh org.
but plz,step into my shoes for a minute.

and another thing,dear friend,
if u talk to me about accepting,
i beg u to realize this.
there are some features in me that i can't change.
for example,
i do not know how to expose my affection to u.
how much i care for u.
or the fact that i cannot always be nice.
that i sometimes feel anger,or annoyance,too.
i just beg u this.
plz accept these two facts about me.
1)that i do not know how to show how much i cared,
2)that i am just a human being.

*sorry if sape2 sentap.i've tried to make this as soft as possible.*

to my special someone...
*motif la kn nk censor name ungku gak.haha*
i want to thank you.
u made me realize my flaws and change it for the better.
but what's most important is,
you accept the fact that u too have flaws,and apologized.
and instead of just agreeing with all of the things that ppl said to me,
u agreed that they too ought to realize their mistakes.
sye sgt terharu aw.
tula yg sye carik slame nh dlm friendship.
thanx for being a good friend.
it means so much to me.:')

and one thing i never bother to tell my dear friends is
i am physically and emotionally unwell.
i woke up this morning and my stomach felt bloated.
i feel like throwing up,even as i am writing this.
my eyes are all puffy and my eye-ring is darker than ever.
i think my biological clock needs to be repaired.:D
yela,mkn tgh2 mlm.tdo xsah kalo xlpas subuh.
sblm tdo wjib nangis dlu pulak tu.
dh 3-4 ari idup ak gini.huhu.
as to why i'm not bothered to tell u,
1)it's such a small matter.
2)i don't feel the need.after all,u guys suwo i jd independent kn?

again,i'm so sorry.
i deeply feel guilty to those whom i hurt,intentionally or unintentionally.
i apologize.
thank you for your care.

i love u,friends.:)

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