Monday, March 15, 2010


thank God dah betul2 baik demam...
hmm. okay, i cant quite remember when did the fun start yesterday,
but i think these are some of the important points.

1) jumpe biah. ngeeeee~ :)
kat barra. ade ungku skalik.
i miss talking to her, and hear her rambling
similar to the speed of a motorcycle engine :D
*kiddink kiddink*
btw, cm sedih tgk die.
sbb die xseronok duduk upsi.
sabar ye biah, i am always with you.:)

mlm tu ingt nk g i-city.
sekali boleh hujan pulak tetibe.
last2 biah ngn akak die halau ak balik,
sbb takut ak demam lagi. hehe
xpe2. no offense la.
still, i love you! :)

2) overnight kt mcD.
the original plan was for me, sai ngn arifuddin.
skalik dtg2 ade yo ngn shah ngn ariff.
*education kids in case u're curious*
oh, and forgot to mention,
name sebenar yo sgt sedap okeh!
rase cm nk amek ltak kt anak ak nnt. :D
but then xpela, ak dtg pun ntok buat pelt report snanye.
but it proved much more difficult to do
when there's a mega chatterbox clinging to u. :D
time tu xbyk lpak dgn ungku pon.
sbb die ckp die xley fokus ak dok kacau2 die.
so ak majok la (poyo! haha).
then around 4 a.m. kot,
segerombolan membe2 ungku dtg.
ipe, alep, mohsin ngn sape ek lg sowg...
lg la ak xnk kacau.
so i took the time to finish my report.
managed siapkan 6 page jek pon. erkk~
so, 2 more to go!

oh btw, smpt snap2 pic kt webcam ungku smlm.
and ak sgt ske gmba nh. hehe
i love you too star candy! :p

oh, as for today,
sdare mare ak bkal dtg shah alam..
krenye cm girls day out la. lol!
ade kak niza, kak abon, ngn chu-r.

kamon2, cant wait! :)

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