Monday, March 22, 2010

grinning like a cheshire cat. :D

okay, first things first.

smlm mlm, pegi cucuk dwet kt 7-e.
ak nk tgk rm50 yg papa bg dh msok ke blum,
sbb nk byr utang ungku.

*waiting waiting*

*balance enquiry*

baki di dlm akaun anda ialah RM3,253.60.

oh, ok.



omg, tkejut gle dwet dh msok! lolololol~

kuakn rm50, bg ungku rm35,
then went to the pkns.
(mangit nk bli rejected crocs).
ble dh smpy sne, the booth was already gone...


balik dr pkns, ktowg jln kaki.
(nk kurus. lol)
otw singgah bank islam,
withdrawed some money.

so plan pnye plan,
cadang la nk ke ts today.
too bad zt ngn sai xdpt ikut.

so, to generalize everything,
i shopped for a pair of red *rejected* crocs,
a dress that's too small for my boobs
and two baby milo shirt.

damn it was fun.
first time all-out kuakn dwet.
tp ade brthn gak td,
tu yg xbeli beg seketul tu. :D

overall, i'm happy.
for a year and a month since we're together,
last2 dpt jugak belikan awk something.

jage lelok tau crocs tu. :)


..JiHa.. said...

wahhh!sudah kaya!!!nk sketttt....bole?

spAn_kUrAk said...

bleh.. mehla:)