Tuesday, March 16, 2010

dunno why but this is what i feel right now.

my thoughts are random.
somehow i think it's important for me to jot these down.

1) i can't wait for 23hb.
hope dwet masuk cpt sedikit dr tarikh itu.
*hoping hoping*

2) ironic isn't it,
when the person you're always so fond of ended up being the one who annoy you the most,
and a person you always thought as an annoying creature might just be the one to help you out in a difficult situation.
i learnt it, the hard way.
for the former, i think i'll walk away from them.
the latter, i apologize somehow, for thinking badly of you.
moral of the story, fikirlah sendirik. :D

3) you.
for about a year we've been together,
i've never realized how good-looking you are.
*i think i'll ignore your fatty belly in this post. :D*
and now i'm melting.
i miss you.
i want you so much right now.
i want to be the best for you.
i hope that look in your eyes will always be meant just for me.

*can i be yours forever? baby just say yes.*

:) :-* ;) :">

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