Wednesday, August 24, 2011

talking to the star.

dear star,

i hope you're still not sleeping, like i do. see, i... i need to talk to someone. i can't talk about this to anybody else. i'm afraid they'd call me pathetic. then, i found you. hear me out, please. 

i... i'm in love with this one guy. but i don't think he feels the same. i don't know what to do. to pray for him to like me too, for me, is a kind of cruelty. like i'm forcing him to have feelings for me, don't you think? and i think if we are meant to be together, he would have feelings for me, without me having to pray and make wishes. but if we don't...

dear star, can i make some wishes? maybe you'll think these are petty wishes, but i... these mean the whole world to me.

i wish he'd click on my profile as much as i did on his.

i wish he'd take a look at his phone, scroll my number, and think of whether he should text me or not.

i wish he'd wonder where i went when i didn't contact him for several days.

i wish he'd ask where i went.

i wish he'd reply those unreplied messages.

i wish he'd remember me sometimes.

i wish he'd talk to me about me, not anybody else.

how i wish...

dear star, please do not say i'm pathetic. i got nowhere else to turn to.

and how i wish...

and how i wish i wasn't in this much pain every time i'm thinking about him.

and i wish... i can forget him. but i don't want to...

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