Friday, August 12, 2011

helpless romantic.

does anybody know how i hate cheesy movies?
actually i don't hate them, more like

i'm actually a sucker for fairytales and sweet love stories.
how a guy and a girl who always fight about everything,
and the guy ended up realizing that girl is the most beautiful girl he ever met,
and he found himself falling for her, without her realizing it.

i always imagine what my life would be if that REALLY happens.
is it logical that some guy - cute, adorable, sweet, - be able to fall for a nobody like me?
will someone look at me, lovingly, without me realizing it?
will someone always look at me from afar, without me knowing?

i still think The Phantom of the Opera is actually romantic.

then i brush them thoughts off and laugh.
who would be stupid enough to do that to me? Heh.

deep in my heart, i kinda envy some girls who're adored by many guys.
i rarely get into that kind of situation.
although sometimes i do think positively about my looks, talents and whatnot.
i once dreamt to be a comic artist so that guys will think i'm cool and like me.
i'm kind of pathetic, aren't I? Heh.

i long for a sweet guy to take care of me.
who always give me something out of the blue.
don't matter what it is - a lollipop, a shirt, a shawl, even a scribbling.
heck, i think something that someone's willing to draw/write for me
is the sweetest gift of all.

tulis macam ni je pun can make me a thousand times happy..

yang boleh bawak i dating tepi pantai...

yang tiba-tiba bagi i bunga...

yang boleh makan share satu pinggan...

told y'all i'm a sucker for romance T_T

but hey, maybe my thoughts are actually real.
maybe there is someone out there who fits these criteria,
without me knowing?

who knows, sometimes our lives are just like in the movies. :)

dahlah, orang sahur, aku berangan. Ceh.
Selamat berpuasa hari ke-12! :)

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