Thursday, December 30, 2010

chaotic class | Part 1

the godd*mned noisy class automatically fell silent when he stepped in. it was as if the human population in the class of 2-D had totally gone extinct. but no, they still exist. just gaping and gawking at the guy.

how shall i describe the guy? he is tall, fair-colored. his face wore the expression of 'i don't give an effin' d*mn about cha, so you better get outta my way, low-life creature'. okay, i'm exaggerating there. but still, he kinda looked at you with only one eye, if you know what i mean.

his clothing. or should i call it, costume? the shiny top-hat. the white gloves. the red coat. maybe Mr. Stephen has called a magician to straighten us all up, cuz we are all mad in here.

"Hey. I'm your new Social teacher this year. Name's Chaos. Nice to meet cha." still, the i-don't-give-a-d*mn expression, with matching tone of voice.

"What f*cking kind of name is Chaos?!" Gerard suddenly shouted at the back. oh, I always hated him. his red hair, his unbuttoned uniform, purposely revealing the 'Kiss' T-shirt he wore inside. childish. not to mention, stupid jerk.

"You better go back to your circus, freakin' a*shole." he continued, followed with small laughs from his two friends, or better known as subordinates.

the next thing, six pigeons came out of nowhere and one by one, they pecked Gerard on his nose, like his nose was a sweet doughnut or something. his swearing and screams were definitely ignored by the new teacher, who slowly continued his interrupted self-introduction.

"First lesson, if you don't want to be treated like a d*ck, never interrupt."

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