Monday, November 7, 2011


i wish i could write something deep, something like a story, about you and my surroundings, without anyone else knowing what the hell am i talking about. my mind is full of things - of similes and metaphors and how much i compare you with something else, which is as beautiful as you - but am never able to write everything down. for me, writing my thoughts down is completely an understatement. it's like water, always flowing away whenever i want to carefully caress it, but comes to drown me at night when i'm just about to sleep.

i am not good with words, thus i cannot explain this feeling that came to grow ever since i know you. you were something else, you were special, you were always able to draw smiles on people around you, but the sight of it makes me want to cry. not because of anything, i just thought of how stupid i am, falling for someone so impossible to get. but how blissful i am, knowing you before it's too late. exploring you. i've slowly became good at that.

last two nights, i had predicted something that you would do. surprisingly, it came true. mixed emotions. i was overjoyed that i was finally able to read you, taking one more step to get to know you, and be a part of you. but a little part of me cried. i don't wanna lose you. i don't wanna be attached to you because all the people whom i grew close with, whom i pour my heart with... would always leave me, in the end.

but, oh God, please make this last forever. this feeling, something that i would not call 'love'. 
but more than that.


"Sudi tak awak jadi putera hati saya?"

"Sudi :) Sudi tak awak jadi princess hidup saya?"

"Tak sudi."


"Saya taknak jadi princess, saya nak jadi your knight in shining armour, your guardian angel, orang yang awak akan cari when the whole world turns away from you."

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