Saturday, October 8, 2011

span's friendship

1) i totally hate friends-for-benefit. do not think i cannot spot you yang suka kawan dengan seseorang just because orang tu ada kereta. stop messing with my friends.

2) here in Shah Alam, many are oblivious to their friends' feelings. i seriously hope i'm not.

3) most of the time, you have to figure people out just to please them.

4) here, you cannot talk in-depth about something because everyone is busy ogling with their smartphones.

p/s: stop sentap bila your friend tetiba tak rapat dgn you.
jangan fikir yg i dah rampas kawan you.
masa kawan you susah, nak pergi memana kena naik bas/taxi,
sanggup tak you tolong teman?
i sanggup.

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